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Mask, Chemical-Biological: Aircraft, M24


Mask, Chemical-Biological: Aircraft, M24
Made by:
MSA (Mine Safety Appliances)
1982 (Mask) 1979 (Filter)
Used  by:
Military (Aircrews)
Filter: Fixed to hose using clamp.

The Mask, Chemical-Biological: Aircraft, M24 is a respirator that was designed to be used by aircrews. This example was made in 1982 by Mine Safety Appliances (MSA). The mask is connected to an M10A1 filter canister (Canister, Chemical-Biological Mask: M10A1) by a two foot corrugated hose. The mask contains an M-133/U microphone which can be connected to external communication systems using the two pin connector. The example pictured has an M2 antiglare outsert attached. The mask was issued with a fabric bag, M9 canister carrying sling, M1 Antifogging kit as well as an M2 antiglare eye lens outsert (this example is missing the bag & canister carrying sling). The M24 was available in three sizes small, medium and large.


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