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Filterwiderstandsprüfer RM9999 (Filter resistance tester RM9999)


Filterwiderstandsprüfer RM9999 (Filter resistance tester RM9999)
Made by:
Dräger / Drägerwerk
1960's/70's (ca.)
Used  by:

The RM9999 is a resistance tester used to test the resistance of filter canisters. The device provides a measurement in mm WS (milimeter wassersäule - milimeters of water). The measurement can be used to determine if the filter has absorbed excess moisture or contains internal blockages etc. The testing of the breathing resistance of a filter cartridge provides zero indication of its effectiveness against gases or dust particles. The device is housed in a wooden box that has been painted to imitate metal. The RM9999 has a standard 40mm threaded filter port and includes an adapter for circular plug-in filters. The instructions which are glued to the inside of the lid provides a table with acceptable resistance measurements for various Dräger filters.

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