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Made by:
Dräger / Drägerwerk
1987 (April)
Used  by:
Feuerwehr, Industrial & More

The Eurotest is a mask and breathing apparatus test bench that was produced by Dräger. The Eurotest can be used to test for leaks / faults in respirators and breathing apparatuses (including lung demand valves & regulators etc.). This is believed to be an early version of the Eurotest with an internal clock timer (the whole kit has to be taken apart to replace the timer’s battery (Size “AA”)), early rubber test head and no extra port on the front right of the device. The later version of the Eurotest (same part number as this example) had an updated rubber test head (with an updated 40mm port attached), clock timer attached to the front and an extra port on the front right of the kit for the attachment of accessories such as a third pressure gauge (pressure gauge part no. R52344).  This example was believed to be used by the German Fire department (Feuerwehr).

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