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Beatmungsgeraet, Tragbar, Automatisch (Pulmotor PT 1)


Beatmungsgeraet, Tragbar, Automatisch (Pulmotor PT 1)
Made by:
Dräger / Drägerwerk
Used  by:
Translation: Respirator, Portable, Automatic

The Beatmungsgeraet, Tragbar, Automatisch is the German Military (Bundeswehr) version of the Dräger Pulmotor PT 1.

The Pulmotor PT1 is an emergency artificial ventilation kit that uses a “Pulmotor Canister“  changeover device (Pulmotor-Umschaltduse).

The Pulmotor Canister, which is a pneumatic pressure-cycled changeover device, was introduced in 1955 and was much smaller than its predecessor. The changeover device provides both positive (inhalation) and negative (exhalation) ventilation at an approximate pressure of +15 cm H2O and -10 cm H2O respectively. When the pressure reaches +15 cm H2O during inhalation, the changeover device automatically activates and begins exhalation. Once the pressure reaches -10 cm H2O during exhalation, the changeover device activates and inhalation begins again.

The PT1 also includes a pneumatic suction device for the removal of fluids from the airways such as water, blood and mucus. It also includes a mask with bag for oxygen inhalation therapy.

The PT1’s accessories include three different sized oropharyngeal airways (Guedel airway), a large tongue depressor and a head band. The military version (Beatmungsgeraet, Tragbar, Automatisch) includes an adapter for pin type oxygen bottles which is not an accessory that is included with the standard PT1.

The example pictured is missing its 2.5L oxygen bottle and is instead pictured with a smaller 2L oxygen bottle for demonstration purposes.

The service log book’s first entry for this exact device is from December 1967 and its final entry (completion of book) is from December 1993.


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