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Apparat für die intraarterielle Sauerstoff-Insufflation nach Dr. Möller


Apparat für die intraarterielle Sauerstoff-Insufflation nach Dr. Möller
Made by:
Dräger / Drägerwerk
1950's/60's (ca.)
Used  by:
Translation: Apparatus for intra-arterial oxygen insufflation according to Dr. Möller

The Apparatus for intra-arterial oxygen insufflation is a medical device that was developed by Dr. Wilhelm Möller and manufactured by the Drägerwerk in Lübeck . The apparatus was first manufactured by Dräger in 1952. The device allows for the precise pressure regulation and dosage of oxygen during intra-arterial oxygen injections. The method of oxygen insufflation was utilised for the treatment of many circulatory disorders including Buerger's disease and arteriosclerosis.

Dr Möller's method was brought to the attention of the Australian Parliament on 2nd September 1965 as well as 29th September 1966. In both instances the method was in reference to the treatment of arteriosclerosis. In July 1965 the Australian Government sent two physicians to Dr. Möller's clinic in Kassel, West Germany to study the treatment. The physicians were of the opinion that the effectiveness of Dr. Möller's method of intra-arterial oxygen insufflation as a treatment for arteriosclerosis was not proven.

This example of the device is missing the brass nickel plated tin that would have been placed in the cradle on the bottom right corner. 

The tin would have contained the following:

2x 2cc glass syringes.

4x Möller "Sight Glasses" (Schaugläser).

1x Three-way vent tap with 8cm long white tube.

2x Hose connectors with 25cm PVC hose.

1x Small adapter tube (pictured) for attachment to white supply tube from the device (pictured).

18x Various sized Cannulas.

The tin and its contents were manufactured by B. Braun Melsungen.

The spanner for removing the oxygen bottle is also absent from this example.

The remnants of a B. Braun Melsungen sticker is visible on the lid of the wooden carry box indicating that B. Braun may have also sold this Dräger device.


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