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DrugTest 5000


DrugTest 5000
Made by:
Dräger / Drägerwerk
2010's (ca.)
Used  by:
Law Enforcement
Part No. 83 19 800

The DrugTest 5000 is an electronic drug test analyser that can test for up to 8 types of illicit substances depending on what type of Test-kit (test cassette) is used. Saliva Test-kits are available for 5 substances (COC, OPI, THC, AMP, MET)*, 6 substances (COC, OPI, BZO, THC, AMP, MET)*, 7 substances (COC, OPI, BZO, THC, AMP, MET, MTD)* & 8 substances (COC, OPI, BZO, THC, AMP, MET, MTD, KET)*. For surface testing a sample is taken with a Dräger SSK 5000 and transferred to a DrugTest 5000 test cassette for analysing.

The amount of time it takes for the analyser to return a result depends of the type of Test-kit used, however, it is typically less than 9 minutes. If the THC* cut off is increased (using special software) to 25 ng/ml the analyser can return results in less than 5 minutes according to Dräger.

Up to 500 tests/results can be stored on the analyser’s memory.

The DrugTest 5000 is utilised in many countries by law enforcement for road side drug testing. There have been many concerns raised around the world regarding the accuracy of the DrugTest 5000 analyser & Test-kits. In a study conducted in 2019, the DrugTest 5000 did not meet the recommended >80% sensitivity, specificity and accuracy when being used to test for THC* with a cut off of 10 ng/ml. During the study 10% of the results were false positives and 9% were false negatives.

The example pictured was used by Landespolizeiinspektion Nordhausen (State Police Inspection Nordhausen) in Germany. It is an earlier model with the part no. 83 19 800. There are 366 tests saved on the analyser with >18% (67) of them containing a positive result for at least one illicit substance. One of the images shows a positive test from 2015 that is stored in the analyser’s memory.

A Dräger mobile printer is pictured with the analyser which can be used to print off test results.

No DrugTest 5000 Test-kits/cassettes are pictured.

*COC = Cocaine, OPI = Opiates, BZO = Benzodiazepines, THC = Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (Cannabis), AMP = Amphetamine, MET = Methamphetamine, MTD = Methadone & KET = Ketamine.


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