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Chemical & Gas Detection Main Collection



Made by:
VEB Laborchemie Apolda / VEB Jenapharm
1972 (Booklet) 1983 (Refill Box)
Used  by:
Police & Civil in DDR (East Germany)
Detectable gases: Alcohol

Like the Dräger Alcotest, the Alcolor is a breath testing device that uses gas detection tubes to determine the approximate blood alcohol concentration of the user. The yellow reagent in the detection tube reacts to the alcohol and turns green. The Alcolor was produced in Apolda, East Germany (DDR) by VEB Laborchemie Apolda. It is possible that VEB Jenapharm may have produced or assisted in the production of the Alcolor for a short amount of time as they are mentioned on the 1972 instructions included with this example of the black Alcolor carry case, however, they are not mentioned on the refill box which is dated 1983.    The two tubes to the right of the black Alcolor case are Promillor tubes, not Alcolor. Promillor were the higher end breath testing tubes produced by VEB Laborchemie Apolda.

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