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Bergbau-Gerät Modell BG 172


Bergbau-Gerät Modell BG 172
Made by:
Dräger / Drägerwerk
1950's/60's (ca.)
Used  by:
Industrial / Mines Rescue
Filter: Soda Lime Canister (missing)

Part No. R 17617 (R 3/4" Connector) or R 17618 (21.8 mm X 1/14" Connector)

The BG 172 is a closed circuit breathing apparatus that was designed and manufactured by Dräger. The apparatus has an operating time of 4 hours with an additional reserve of half an hour. This example of a BG 172 is missing its alkali cartridge (9x18x28cm - Part No. Ch 32) which absorbs carbon dioxide from exhaled air. The oxygen bottle as well as the front right door both have a Grubenwehr sticker on them. The example pictured was used by the Mines Rescue (Grubenwehr) at Hugo Coal Mine (Opened 24th March 1873 - Closed 30th April 2000) in Germany. The BG 172 could be used with a mouth piece + goggles (Atemmundstück (Part No. R 9446) + Gasbrille (Part No. R 7402 or R 7404)) or a full face respirator. This example of a BG 172 is photographed with an early Dräger Panorama Z series respirator. The BG 172 was succeeded by the BG 174 in 1963.


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