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S10 (Early ADF Version)


S10 (Early ADF Version)
Made by:
Avon Protection
Used  by:
Australian Military
Filter: 40mm

This early Australian Defence Force S10 gas mask has the old style six point elastic head harness and is pictured with a respirator microphone attached (MIC. RESPIRATOR 5965-99-622-5437). It is believed that this mask was issued to a sector of the military that required respirator radio communication, such as armoured crews. After being removed from service it would have been given to the Army Cadets. The mask pictured is missing the drinking tube assembly, as many of the Army Cadets remove them from the masks. The early Australian S10s were issued with the same style of filter as the British SR6. A training filter, which can be identified by the red paint can be seen pictured with the mask.

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