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“Four Star” Hose Mask Unit


“Four Star” Hose Mask Unit
Made by:
Nu Plac Products
1948 June
Used  by:
Commonwealth Oil Refineries / Industrial
Nu Plac Products Cat. No. 172.

The “Four Star” was a hose mask unit produced by Nu Plac Products in Melbourne, Australia. The unit has a hand cranked centrifugal blower with dual outlet for supplying air to two masks at once. Each outlet allows for up to 150 feet (45.72m) of hose to be attached. This example came with two 31 foot (9.45m) hoses, one of which was produced by Dunlop Rubber Australia. The kit also came with two Nu Plac “101” respirators which are speculated to be surplus Second World War United States M3 diaphragm gas masks repurposed by Nu Place Products. The kit would have originally been issued with rescue harnesses and safety line. This piece had been issued to the Commonwealth Oil Refineries in June 1948. It was originally on display at the Cowra War, Rail & Rural Museum which auctioned off its collection in March/April 2017.

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