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Protechtor Portable Combustible Gas Alarm (Model No: 1562-T)


Protechtor Portable Combustible Gas Alarm (Model No: 1562-T)
Made by:
Gastech Australia
Used  by:
Detectable Gases: Methane

The gas sensor is located at the top left of the device next to the battery selection knob.  The level indicator is located at the bottom left of the main console. Powered by two rechargeable batteries, the battery that powers the detector depends on which one you have selected using the knob. Battery pack 1, the larger of the two, consists of three nickel-cadmium “F” size 7Ah cells. Battery pack 2 consists of three nickel-cadmium “C” size 2Ah cells. The batteries can be recharged by either a 240V AC mains connection (red) (mains cable pictured in image 1 top right) or a 12V 4-pin DC cable (black). A switch located between the two power sockets allows you to select which battery you want to recharge. Both batteries cannot be recharged at the same time.  


A sampling tube kit (bottom right of the first image) can be used with this detector. The small long black tube could be inserted into hard to reach spaces for air testing. The white plastic cover would be placed over the gas sensor and the small round bellows pump would be used to pump a sample through the black tube onto the gas sensor.  


The tall detector is carried and used in a sturdy fabric case.  


Gastech Australia, now known as Austech, was acquired by Ampcontrol group in 2002.  


This detector was used by Newcastle City Council at Summerhill Waste Management Centre near Newcastle, Australia.

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