Yugoslavian Gas Masks

Made by:Miloje Zakić, now known as TRAYAL Korporacija (TRAYAL Corporation)
Date: 1988
Filter: 60mm
Used by: Civilians - children

The MD-1 is a respirator designed to be used by children aged 6-15 years old. The mask is available in three sizes, small, medium & large. Produced in former Yugoslavia by Miloje Zakić, the company changed its name to TRAYAL Corporation and still manufactures the MD-1 at their factory in Kruševac, Serbia.

The shelf life of an MD-1 kit is 10 years.

Made by: Miloje Zakić?
Date: 1981
Filter: The M1 uses two replaceable 60mm filters. 
Used by: Military horses

Whilst the majority of horse gas masks cover only the top jaw of the horse, the Yugoslavian M1 horse gas mask covers the entire head of the horse, including its eyes and ears. Due to the entire head being covered, the M1 incorporates the bit inside the mask. The reins would be attached to the two bit rings on the outside of the mask.